IPFS Network Tutorial

IPFS Network Tutorial

How to strengthen an IPFS share.


In order to facilitate a robust and fast distributed, censorship proof platform, it is important that content hosted on an IPFS link is mirrored amongst interested individuals, or nodes.


In order to host, and have your own copy of content you like, first install the IPFS graphic user interface, using the following instructions.

Install IPFS client (assumes windows but similar for Apple and Ubuntu) Get the client from


(Obviously this link may change, so you may need to search online)

Find the link ending in .exe for the latest version of IPFS Desktop:

Run the .exe file to start the installation.

Select whether you want to install the application for just yourself or all users on the computer. Click Next:

Select the install location for the application. The default location is usually fine. Click Next:
You can now find an IPFS icon in the status bar:
The IPFS Desktop application has finished installing.

Mirror a file

Click on the “file” portal


Click “import”

AN IPFS link will look something like this:


From this, copy this part:

https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYD9XctPevAW9w7nmzNbJ2Yj46ihXkhLKoJnyESqBGg4k ?filename=The%20US%20Elections%20were%20not%20rigged.mp4 

This is the CID tag or the “hash” identifying the file, this is the text you’ll import into the IPFS GUI.

Paste the CID tag into this box and hit “import”.

There you go.. Your file will now be imported and you’ve strengthened the peer to peer network.




How to add an animated gif to your html file

<HEAD> <TITLE>Activity – Insert animated GIF to HTML</TITLE> </HEAD>
<IMG SRC=”image1.gif”>

Thanks to History Buried for the info.