Donation Bucket

Donation Bucket

I should have done this a long time ago, but here it is.

For anyone who would like to show a one off support for my video channels and my work on this website via the Crypto route then please use the wallet address’s below.

If you do send some coins then please email or leave a comment so I know who the generous individual is that showed some love and support, unless of course you want to remain anon.

BTC (Bitcoin)1EsbEuyYMZwZgVzFVVWyDYY8FgmU9YcaevN/A
BNB (BSC) BEP200xa0dfda0a1b74e076b35dcf76bc54f15851fc6d41N/A
USDT (TRX) Tron TRC20TRJWE1mGix7orxvF5zUwE1SekSsSA5uvDiN/A
Ethereum (ETH) ERC200x0ac29de566243580dd7d11de4fb497e8c5df048aN/A
COREUM (Coreum network)core1g2c72hh78wma9fqlva9wu5a9hx5vq8aeznltds1301453714


Thank you to all that use this route!

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