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Life Is A Dream?

Have you ever wondered if what you have been taught to believe is actually true, have you ever taken the time to check:

We all go through school, no matter who we are. We all are given information by the media, our parents, our teachers and even our friends.

But how often have you stopped to check what you are being told, to look for the sources, to verify the information you have received?

On this site logic (standard form) and a methodical approach is used when reviewing all subjects.

Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars… but also without [the government] telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know.

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from a speech given September 11, 1973


Who Is Take No Gnosis?

I was birthed into this realm in the year that the space program was accelerated to new levels of nonsense, 1969.

My parents were what you would call working class, my Father was a factory worker back then, although he would progress into various purchasing departments,  he had been offered management roles over the years but his disposition never allowed him to go any further. My Mother on the other hand was quite the opposite, she was warm and bubbly, very quick witted and incredibly intelligent. She was a care worker for the mentally ill for many years and trained to become a nurse. Her compassion for people was enormous. But she had an accident and passed away a couple of weeks after my 21st birthday, this has had a massive impact on my adult life and to this day almost 30 years later I ponder on how life would have been so different for my children and I if fate had not deemed to take this most beautiful soul away from us. 

From a young age I felt that things were not right with this world.

Growing up I did fairly normal activities and had a few close childhood friends. From the age of five I was enrolled into a Ju Jitsu class, I would carry this on until I reached instructor level, I also learned Kendo and took part in national competitions, martial arts was pretty much my main passion in my teens and I also took Karate classes. However I found a new passion around the age of 19 and could be found at the gym weight training for hours and hours every week. This I kept up until 2016 but a car accident I was involved in during 2012 left me with back pain and it was clear to me that I could no longer carry on. I still regularly exercise sit ups, press ups and the like, I believe that regular exercise is one obvious key to a long life.

One thing that I am very aware of now and can see looking back on my life that it made a massive difference to my thinking over the years is that I  am an avid reader. My mother did encourage me to read and write very early on and while other children were still struggling to learn their ABC’s in reception class, I was already constructing long sentences and able to read proficiently. 

I have worked in the plastics industry for most of my career, spent four years in the surface coatings industry and a couple of years where I began my working life in a metals laboratory. It was while working in the metals laboratory in the late 1980’s that I started to notice that many things in chemistry just did not add up. Man is very good at using that which is available around him to create useful tools but is even more proficient at spinning tall stories and yarns to explain how things work. The truth is man does not know much beyond what is in reach of his own hands. 

After moving into a laboratory in the plastics industry I soon started looking into Quantum Theory in my own time, again this all falls apart when you realize that mathematics is a language, it can like English be used to describe any reality you see fit, it does not however mean that anything it describes is objectively true just because the equations are balanced.

So for many years I was continually poking at the main stream narratives the biggest of which for me was Evolution. Nothing falls apart more easily than this sorry excuse for a theory once you start to dig a little bit deeper.

Darwin himself stated that if within 100 years no examples of species to species transitional fossils are found then his theory can be thrown out. Well guess what, none have ever been found or ever will be. This is just the start of the problems on this one.

Life went on for me, I got married had children, got divorced and then it happened the event that changed everything for so many of us.

The awakening the start of the Apocalypse, there is no longer any going back. Once you are aware of the nonsense in this world the more you see each and every single day.


The Wake Up Call

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