Akashic Archive

Akashic Archive


The world is changing and censorship is increasing exponentially. The large video platforms cannot be counted on any longer for the hosting of content that goes against the main stream narrative. This archive is a way to host videos to ensure that they stay on the net and available for high level thinkers to access. There has been a number of videos that have been lost forever, for example some of the content produced by Aaron Dover, unfortunately because of his premature demise we may never see some of his content ever again. But what we can do is make sure that what is still in existence can be shared by those that want to keep his work alive. The same goes for other content producers that are having videos banned all the time.

This page is the first but will be but one gateway of many that will allow access, in fact soon there will be a website dedicated to the archive. The more people that download and share the videos through this system the better, faster download speeds and security for every single piece.

If you want to access the links to the videos in the archive below you must sign up as a free member of this site to view the videos.

For those interested and prepared to join our network then you must be a full member of this site, however if you join at “Aware” level (£5 per month) and are prepared to host at least some of the videos then for a limited time I will upgrade your membership to the next level for free as long as you can provide a screenshot to evidence your hosting and email it to me at the address below.


As a full member of the site you will be able to add videos to the archive and if you are a content producer yourself a page will be created for your own work by request.


The Archive

Just hit the thumb below on the content creator you wish to view, this will take you to their specific file page.

Remember to check out the tutorial even if you do not want to get involved in the network, if you are going to just download and keep just one video on your PC or laptop then please consider sharing the file it will help the cause enormously.