YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

“42” is my 33rd video officially, I wanted to do something not only sync related but as a tribute to where my thoughts are at, on where exactly and what exactly this clown world that we all reside in actually is in reality.

Two days ago this article made it’s debut.

Tube sex assaults soar 42% in last four years
Calls for victims to report unwanted sexual behaviour on tube as campaigners say figures are tip of iceberg

So many times the number “42” is flaunted in the media with connections to the underground (UNDERWORLD). We live in a clown realm.


I published “42” on the 24th (Reflection of the Underworld) of September (9)

9 is the reflection of 6 (4+2).

Praise KEK the master (11) of the HONK.


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